Unity Woods & Wheel Busy Loop cycle trails from Elm Farm

Start by hiring your bike from Elm Farm Bike Barn or parking-up, unloading and making sure you have everything for a good days cycling.

This route offers a bit of everything. It is a shorter alternative to the Coast to Coast but it has some harder going parts and the excellent Unity Woods for cyclists looking for something a bit more technical. It also offers a pleasing walking route for the non-cyclists.

From Elm Farm you follow the Coast to Coast Trail to Wheel Rose which is just before the A30. At this point you have to choose whether you will do the loop clockwise or counter-clockwise. 

Whichever way you go just follow the way markers. If you decide to continue on the Coast to Coast Trail and come back via Wheal Busy Loop you will need to watch out for the way marker at the far side of Unity Woods.

Please Don’t Fall Down a Mine Shaft!

The History Bit…

Unity Wood lies between Scorrier and Chacewater in Kenwyn Parish and can be accessed from the Mineral Tramways Portreath to Devoran Tramway just south east of Scorrier. This large area is bounded by Scorrier in the west, Chacewater in the east and St.Day in the south. A walk through the woods offers a chance to see a pumping engine house, a winding engine house and stamps house along with several capped ancient shafts – the area is riddled with mine workings so as usual Please keep to the path. The area is rich in history and pathways lead the curious visitor through the trees on the way south towards the Poldice Valley. The difference between the leafy glades within Unity Wood and the stark Poldice Valley with its stark landscape and stunted plantlife is enormous. Paths lead off the main track up to Killifreth and to the engine houses of Wheal Unity and Magors Shaft.

Once in Unity Woods it is time to get out the GoPro and film yourself. Upload the results to Youtube when you get home like these guys did…